The Peter Green Les Paul in Action!

Aug 18, 2015

One of the most iconic Les Pauls on the planet, legendary Fleetwood Mac guitarist Peter Green's 1959 Peter Green Gibson Les Paul is a tone monster. By unintentionally flipping the magnet around on he reinstalled one of the pickups, Peter Green created a nasally, biting out-of-phase tone that sounded a bit like a "mute" placed in the end of a trumpet. Extremely expressive, this tone featured prominently on many of Fleetwood Mac's early, blues-based albums such as their self-titled debut album, "Fleetwood Mac", 1968's "Mr. Wonderful", "Blues Jam in Chicago" and the classic "Then Play On". Gary Moore owned the guitar after Peter and you can hear this guitar on many of Moore's albums, too. Here are some great videos of "Greeny" being played over the last few years, including a video of Joe Bonamassa playing a hauntingly beautiful version of "Blues After Midnight", a videos by Larry Corsa (a Peter Green fanatic), a video by Phil Harris demonstrating this iconic guitar among others. The tone is stunning. Gibson announced a "collector's choice" version of this guitar as a reissue. Not sure how how closely this reissue captures the vibe and tone of the original Greeny, but one of guitars Gibson offers sure looks like Greeny. Check out the tone of the original in these videos below:

Joe Bonamassa Playing Blues After Midnight on Greeny