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  • 100% Free! VintageGear.com is NOT a middleman. It's simply a platform where you and your buyer meet, then deal directly. This means we charge nothing: no listing fees, no percentage of your sale. Zero. Zip. Nada.
  • Join a free community for gear heads like you (and me!) to buy and sell gear as quickly and easily as possible.
  • Buy and sell all types of gear: vintage, used and new are all accepted for listings. Of course, our primary love is vintage gear, but you may buy and sell what you want.
  • Simple, simple, simple. Our goal is to make finding, buying and selling vintage gear as easy as possible. No fluff, no bullshit.
  • Be Part of the Community! Join our community and help us guide the development of VintageGear.com. Your input is valuable - we're building this thing together. VintageGear.com is where the cool kids buy and sell gear.
  • Affordable! It shouldn't cost a ton to sell your gear. Other sites take as much as 3.5% when your piece sells. Add your merchant fee of, say, 3.5% (or PayPal) and now you're up to 7%. This means if you sell an item for just $1000 (not much for a vintage piece), you're out $70 bucks. Do that a few times a month and it really adds up. We think that's a lot of money. VintageGear.com is FREE. Not just free to LIST, but free to buy and sell.
  • Worldwide! VintageGear.com is focused on the vintage, new and used markets worldwide! Sell your gear worldwide with VintageGear.com
  • We promote YOU and your gear!When you list your gear, it's automatically tweeted out through our VintageGear twitter account and put in front of thousands of gear fanatics worldwide to give YOU more exposure!

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